IMS (Invisindo Market Survey)

Unconsciously research takes part in our daily life prior deciding what we really want. The Internet has made everything easier for us to find things such as data, pictures, videos, statistics and many more.


We realized how important market survey as part of decision making process. Here in Invisindo, we provide both qualitative and quantitative research serving all kind of industries starting from Agriculture, Auto Parts, Banking, Chemical, Construction, Game Industry, Heavy Equipment, Medical Equipment, Mining, Mineral, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Waste Water Treatment and many more. With years of experiences in engaging government and local business firms in finding data, we have assisted many global clients across the globe. IMS is a market survey services provided by Invisindo to provide data and analysis such as:

1. Market and Product Trend
2. Competition Network and Mapping
3. Distribution Chain and Network
4. Market Entry Strategy
5. Retail Price Market Intelligence
6. Export and Import Statistics
7. Government Policy and Regulation
8. Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers

Our research methodology comprises both raw data obtained from internet, statistics bureau, Indonesia companies’ directory, internal database, telephony and onsite observation to have clear picture of particular products and industries.

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