IBS (Invisindo Buyer Search)

If you are looking for business partner as a part of marketing strategy to expand your market into Indonesia, we are more than capable to give a hand. Our services help you to find suitable business partner.

Did you find difficulties to sell your product in Indonesia? We can help! Our networks through the industries consist of potential and prospective businessmen who regularly seek for new product to expand their market or an opportunity to start a business as a beginner.


Business Partner Survey

Our Buyer Search Services (IBS) provides you list of potential and prospective buyers / business partners in Indonesia which are related to your company’s product and business subject to their interest. This is a basic buyer search which its research methodology include telephone, internet and internal database.

How familiar are you with Indonesia? How frequent you fly down to Indonesia? Upon request, we also provide our pick up services, hotel accommodation, business meeting and if you have a plan to stretch your leg and visiting some tourism objects, we will arrange everything for you and finally we drive you back to the airport. Those who apply for this service are eligible to have free ads on our website for a week, subject to client's permission.

To accommodate your searching and inquiry, please give us a hand by completing this  form.