IBD (Invisindo Business Development) Services

We selectively choose the most trending topics  / on demand insight Invisindo Commercial Newsletter (ICN) which is published on monthly basis upon subscription from client.

Buyer and Supplier search provide basic table list of prospective and potential buyer / business partner and supplier for our client. Whilst, market survey provides more details information such as Market Trend, Competition Trend, Distribution Network / Chain, Pricing Information, Government Policy and Regulation, Import Tax / Export Tax, Import and Export Statistics and many more upon request.

We regularly choose selective topics and publish the report for our clients. We choose the finest and most trending topics and thus we analyze and write the report. Alternately, we may also submit our expertise and knowledge to do customized research based on our client’s inquiry which is also known as syndicated research / tailor made / custom research.


IIDS is pretty much different with regular market survey, here we add sharper analysis using global analysis tools such as SWOT, Five Forces Michael’s Porter, SPSS software, list of projects that are being offered, government mid and long term plan and occassionally we may use GIS software for mapping the competition area. Having this IIDS, you may expect to have insight overview of particular industries / products with more than 150 total pages.