Our Services


Invisindo has wide services of market research, conducted with both qualitative and quantitative research methodology. For quantitative, we cover the following methodologies to obtain recent market information and adding live view observation that distinguishes us from other research company.

Invisindo Services


Our qualitative methodology covers pilot testing system, focus group discussion involves key persons. Equipped with projector and meeting room, we are more than ready to provide relevant information through in-depth interview and valid data insight industries.

Our core services cover these following things:

  1. Market Survey (Invisindo Market Survey)
  2. Business Partner Survey (Invisindo Buyer Search)
  3. Supplier Partner Survey (Invisindo Supplier Search)

We realize that each person has different thought against others and we are here to implement your thought. We process both tailor made / customized research report that only the requested client granted an access to the report. We also produce syndicated research, a single research study of certain industry / product for sale to multiple companies.

We realize that trust should be put on top of business line, thus we adhere to adopt confidential issue into contractual agreement to strengthen our commitment of being a trustworthy research company in Asia.