Why Indonesia

The Fitch rating agency raised Indonesia’s sovereign debt status from BB+ to BBB- implies Indonesia gains an upgrade in terms of investment. As the 4th most populous countries in the world and the world’s largest Moslem’s population, Indonesia has slowly caught the world’s public attention.

Endowed with abundant natural resources such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Iron Ore, Brass, Coal and Palm Oil, Indonesia has proven its attractiveness in the eyes of FDI companies. Not to forget gigantic land for plantation industries like palm oil and rubber, where major MNC companies invested in these sectors. As well as heavy industries like shipbuilding, steel, automotive, petrochemical, pulp & paper and many more.

Infrastructures are into developing stage as well, many roads and bridges are likely to be spent through government’s budget to enhance the flexibility and simplicity to support the industries. Investment’s realization was going to reach about USD 27.56 billion in 2011 higher than initial target of USD 26.47 billion. Based on that fact, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board is targeting USD 31.36 billion of investment target to achieve in 2012, higher from initial target of USD 30.85 million.

Country’s economic growth was 6.5% in 2011 and is increasing trend. This achievement has adequately increased Indonesia’s position to compete with developing countries known as Brazil, India and Mexico. Strong fundamental in socio economic, socio culture, politically stable and last has made Indonesia is an emerging nation in Asia.