Banten Province

Overview of Banten Province

Banten used to be the part of West Java province, however since year 2000, it has separated and self established by law no 23 year 2000 with central government located at Serang City. Boundaries of Banten Province is surrounded mostly with sea. 

Northern Side: Java Sea, Southern Side: Indonesia Ocean, Western Side: Sunda Straits and Eastern Side: Jakarta and West Java.  

Banten province is located on the western edge of Java island, divided with three main work areas known as:

1. Work Area I: Tangerang and Tangerang Regency. Soekarno Hatta International Airport, which is known as the main gate of products, services and people into Indonesia is inclusive into these two areas. 

2. Work Area II: Cilegon City and Serang Regency, here lies the largest ferry port of products, services and people from Sumatra island to Java and vice versa. 

3. Work Area III: Pandeglang and Lebak Regency, inside there is a train station that sets as a hub for products, services and people from and to Jakarta.