Q: What would be the specialization of PT. Invisindo Inti Data?

A: We cover both tailors made and syndicated report applies to various kinds of industries in Indonesia. Upon request, we may also cover intelligence report that may cover classified information for our client.


Q: There are many research companies in Indonesia, what makes the difference to your company?

A: We consider other research companies as a partner, the only thing matters is credibility. We provide accurate and reliable data as well as live view information that others may not provide.


Q: We want to sell our product into Indonesia’s market, can you handle this?

A: We have established network over Indonesian importers, as long as the product is marketable and granted to sell by the government, we can cover your request.


Q: We are looking for specific raw material to be imported from Indonesia and it is very difficult and risky to find reliable supplier? What makes the different if we use services from PT. Invisindo Inti Data?

A: We work closely with the industry, we have passion to provide the reliable supplier and we shall guide you from the beginning of the process to the time when the deal is signed. Furthermore, we also provide assistance for those who seek our help in case of fraud.


Q: What type of clients has been handled by PT. Invisindo Inti Data?

A: Our services apply not only to corporate but also individual that seeks for research. We cover both local and overseas market, mainly in Asia.


Q: We are interested to invest in Indonesia. Can you tell us the procedures for both official and unofficial terms?

A: Indonesia has its Investment Coordinating Board that provides free guidance and promising sectors to invest. PT. Invisindo Inti Data will take you deeper to the “future invested project” that will cover feasibility study (project based), investment report about the region, people, wages, infrastructure in proximity invested area and more.


Q: How long does it takes to produce a market research report?

A: It may takes around 5-10 working days after signing contract for a market research report, however we understand each request (tailor made) may cover difficult things and would probably takes few more days to complete.