Important List

List of Governmental / Non-Governmental Agency

Supreme State Institutions


People's Consultative Assembly

House of Representative

Board of The Region Representative

Supreme Audit Board

Supreme Court

Constitution Court

Corruption Erradicate Comission

Judicial Comission


Coordinating ministers


Coordinating Minister for Legal, Political dan Security Affairs    

Coordinating Minister for the Economy

Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare


Departmental ministers


Minister of Home Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Defense

Minister of Law and Human Rights

Minister of Finance

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

Minister of Industry

Minister of Trade

Minister of Agriculture

Minister of Forestry

Minister of Transportation

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Minister of Labor and Transmigration

Minister of Public Works

Minister of Health

Minister of National Education

Minister of Social Services

Minister of Religious Affairs

Minister of Information and Communication

Minister or Culture and Tourism


Non Departemental Government Institutions


National Institute of Public Administration

Central Bank of Indonesia

National Archives

The National Civil Service Agency

National Library

Central Agency of Statistics

Agency for National Standarization

Agency for Nuclear Energy Control

Agency for National Nuclear Energy

Agency for National Family Planning Coordinating

The Institute of National Space and Aviation

Agency for Coordination of Survey and National Mapping

Finance Supervision and Development Board

Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Financial Capital Investment Coordinating Board

Agency for National Land Affairs

Agency for Control of Medicine and Food

National Endurance Institution

National Defence Council


State Ministry


State Minister for Research and Technology

State Minister for Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises

State Minister of the Environment

State Minister for Women Empowerment

State Minister  for Making Efficient Use of the State Apparatus

State Minister  for Development Acceleration of Left Behind Regional

State Minister for the National Development Planning

State Minister for Agency of State

State Minister for People Housing

State Minster for Youth and Sports Affairs